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Lenitive Knee-cream (250ml)


Natural Beeswax: A Natural source of honey rich in sugars, vitamins and minerals. Beeswax offers lasting hydration while it softens and nourishes the harsh area of the knees and alleviates the pain. Its antibacterial properties shield our system.

Olive oil: , in very high concentration offers the skin proper hydration and nourishment. Furthermore, olive oil contains antioxidants and exerts anti-irritant action. It is also rich in tannins and gallic, improves the microcirculation of the skin and stimulates the cell metabolism.

Vitamis A & E: Vitamin Α increases the density of the skin and reduces the grooves in the skin caused by various factors. Vitamin E thanks to the excellent antioxidant protection that offers (against free radicals) shields the skin’s defense against cell degeneration and deterioration of the metabolic mechanisms.

Apply the emollient cream (during the daytime) onto your knees and wrap with membrane. Leave the cream on for at least 8 hours. For fatigued feet, allow the cream to act all night wearing cellophane socks.



Contains: Natural beeswax, olive oil, vitamins A & E.


Beneficial properties

It acts supplementary to medication
in cases such as osteoarthritis and
chondropathy of the patella.