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Facial Cleansing Cream (60ml)


The use of beeswax was known since antiquity. . Beeswax is a miracle ingredient for the women’s beauty and the “magic” base of the cream which offers hydration. It is also antibacterial; a natural source of energy with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and it does not contain water. The mix with pure olive oil makes the cream a first-class cosmetic for the face with spectacular results. Olive oil is a powerful anti-aging ingredient rich in flavonoids and antioxidants.

The essential lavender oil destroys the hemolytic streptococcus and fights germs that cause infections, alleviates the skin inflammations and thus effectively treats dermatitis. Daily use provides natural skin cleansing; eliminates millet spots without finger pressure on the face.

Apply an amount of the cleansing cream all over your face at night and let it act. Next morning, rinse well with water and wipe in a circular motion with a cotton pad. Finish by appling Ners “24-hour Hydratante Cream”.



Contains: Olive oil, rosin, natural beeswax.


Beneficial properties

Offers hydration, removes dead cells and
reveals the natural beauty of the skin.
It is also an ideal treatment for swollen eyes