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Facial peeling mask (50ml)


Winter affects the skin which should be prepared. Cold wind and humidity are main reasons why the face skin is being destroyed more during winter rather than during the summertime. Specifically, dehydration, dull appearance, and intense skin pulling sensation across the face occur. By using our facial peeling mask dead cells are removed and therefore the skin breaths better and appears shiny. Frequent peeling – once a week – is highly recommended.

Apply a fair quantity of the Facial Peeling Mask to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then gently massage your face with circular motions. After the massage wipe off the cream with a tissue and rinse well with plenty of water.


Contains: Olive oil, rosin, natural beeswax, honey, vitamin A & E.

Beneficial properties

Removes dead cells,
whitens and nourishes the skin.
Leaves skin hydrated and glowing.